Crowne Plaza Hotel ST LOUIS AIRPORT
11228 Lone Eagle Dr
Bridgeton, MO

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Blood stains on the sheets and woke up with multiple bites, haven’t seen any recent submissions to this hotel within the year but we can totally tell bed bugs for sure! 4/5/2021

Stayed at this hotel August 11-14 2015 with a group of about 30-40 people. After returning home by August 16 I was itching from bites on my back. I had never dealt with this before and for 2 days did not realize what it was until googling I found descriptions and pictures. I also read where sometimes the bites may not show up for several days. After looking at pictures on line my wife said "that's exactly what's on your back". Another man in our group also reported bites. I called the hotel and

submitted a report which later they told a another man representing our group that they did not find any in the room I stayed in. The hotel never replied back to me personally.Thankfully I did not bring any home that I know of so far. (I hope!)

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Stayed overnight here in December 2014 and started itching and discovered a bed bug crawling on my shoulder. I immediately called front desk and they came and confirmed it was a bedbug. Moved to a different room and upon inspection found dry blood marks on sheets. Moved to another room that appeared okay and woke up with more bites. Management denied having an infestation problem, but there's no such thing as just one bedbug.

1/31/14 While traveling for business, my roomate noticed something crawling on him about an hour after going to sleep & there was a small insect on the pillow that exploded with blood when squished. The front desk didn't argue or try to deny it, just moved us to a new room. Doubt I'll be getting any sleep tonight. Original room # 426.

I checked into the hotel room 730 on 30 Aug 2013 and Left on 1 Sept. On 01 Sept when I woke, I noticed some bumps on my neck. I did not pay much attention. Later on they started to itch. Bumps were also present on arms. On 05 Sept, it was confirmed I had bed bug bites.

6/18/2013 - suspicious black specks found on mattress pad. Then I pulled back the sheets and saw what definitely looked like many tiny black stains (bloodstains?) on one side of the bed on the fitted sheet. Left room immediately; manager denied that they had had any problems; was very accomodating, switched me to a new room immediately which appears to be clear. Fingers crossed.

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