Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

March 01

373 S 4th St I was living in this building from August 2019-September 2

February 28

715 St Marks Ave We had to get our apartment treated for bed bugs three

842 Classon Ave Lived in this building 2019-2020. Had to deal with bed

842 Classon Ave Lived in this building 2019-2020. Had to deal with bed

February 26

2 Hinckley Pl Had bed bugs twice

321 44th St This building has a horrible bed bug infestation and the

56 W 106th St I'm a resident in the building, apt 4C and have confirmed

February 20

445 E 80th St The building is infested with bed bugs. The management co

February 09

151 Luquer St No Issues

February 07

1705 Linden Blvd Woke up to bed bugs presented it to the front desk no

February 05

842 Bushwick Ave Found beg bugs in my apartment as a resident of the bu

February 04

106 Pinehurst Ave In mid-September, a tenant in the C section of the bu

February 01

40 W 127th St I live in this building and my neighbors have bedbugs whi

January 29

138 Orchard St 11/1/2020 and 1/25/2021. The entire building has bed bug

January 28

53 Vermilyea Ave Infested

January 27

531 W 151st St During July of 2017 while I was changing my sheets I squ

January 23

61 Martense St

January 21

5115 13th Ave First encounter a bed bug a little over 3 weeks (1/4/2021

January 14

1417 Avenue K Neighbors have bed bugs which traveled to my unit through

January 11

561 48th St Bed bugs found in April of 2020, an exterminator came but t

148 Huron St Apartment 2I has an ongoing issue witn bed bugs that the l

January 09

Country Inn & Suites-Queens I had stayed in November 2019.with