Anaheim Marriott
700 W Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802-3424

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From February 7th-12th, I stayed at the Marriott in Anaheim for a work conference and started getting bites on my hands and arms. The first 5 or so I attributed to mosquito bites because it was muggy and rainy. About 15 more showed up the day we checked out and the day after. If any of you have experience with bed bugs, you probably know delayed reactions to bites are common.

I was still in denial about bed bugs when I returned home as I've traveled extensively for work and never seen one or

heard of anyone seeing one in a hotel.

On Feb 20th, and I was still getting bites here and there. Nothing close to what happened at the hotel, but enough to put me on high alert. That night, I got really lucky and found a nymph crawling up my headboard to confirm. The exterminator found no signs of an infestation--no blood stains, no other bugs. He said we must have caught it really early but sprayed nonetheless in case of eggs, etc. My roommate has had to go through all of this with me, and I feel so bad. Both of us have had a significant amount of unforeseen expenses from this event including supplies (everything we own went in plastic bins and trash bags), boarding her cat and the exterminator. We have yet to receive that bill but I believe total damages will be about $4000.

Unsurprisingly, I can't get the hotel to admit fault. Supposedly, they sent pest control into my room and did not find any signs of "insects" and do not know the cause of my "skin irritation". While I was at the hotel, I regrettably did not search for signs because I didn't think that could be the cause. I only have pictures of the bug in my room at home and my bites... In addition to financial damages, I am also concerned that this hotel's denial/negligence will leave some poor family on their Disney vacation with bed bugs. There's no other explanation for my bites given the timelines. They came from this hotel and their client service strategy is to deny and make me feel crazy. I am not the only one online who has reported this.

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We stayed in the fifteenth floor and encountered bed bugs!! We were biiten all over our legs, backs and arms. We reported this to the Anaheim Marriott and a claims representative contacted us to find out what happened and since then we have ahd no one contact us back! They seem not to care. We will never stay there again!

Bitten on my legs, stomach and groin. Reported it to the front desk NEVER HEARD BACK...May 28-June 1st 14th floor.

Encountered bed bugs on 8/12/09 at the Anaheim Marriott...actually saw 4 bugs in broad daylight. Now have 20 bites on each arm!

Encountered bed bugs the week of June 6
I was bitten from my torso up to my face and on my arms
The hotel paid for one night of my 3 night stay and offered Marriott points to my account which was a nice gesture but the points offered were nowhere near what really should have been given or offered. Unacceptable in my opinion

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