Kawada Hotel
200 S Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Found 2 reports:

Contact the LA County Health Department if you encounter bed bugs here. This appears to be a chronic problem for this hotel, and the staff are abusive to customers who report this issue.

I awoke to hives covering my body from an allergic reaction to multiple bed bug bites. I captured a live specimen (which the staff confiscated from me) and was accused by the general manager (John Marco) of lying. He threatened to call the police on me, completely unprovoked. I staged a protest in front o

f their building and found two other individuals who reported either evidence of bed bugs or finding live specimens.

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Los Angeles, Oct 27th-Nov 2nd.

The beds of room 209 of Kawada hotel are infested with bedbugs. I got bitten a lot and this caused an allergic shock. To this point the manager refuses to even give us a new room.

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