Comfort Inn at the Harbor San Diego
5102 N Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 99999

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6/9/2021 - checked into hotel 6/10/2021- bed bug bites were discovered on children and mother , pulled back the sheets and duvet cover they had on the blankets they to discover blood sots from the bugs on them . Went to front desk and were told we would have to wait for the general manager to come In and inspect (in 7 hr) before they could refund us for the $2730 we paid for a 7 day stay. We were also advised that it was not their responsibility to find us other accommodations for the remainde

r of our stay. The front desk employee told us that we would need to contact the travel agency to be accommodated as they would not and they do not assist with that. . I’ve contacted the corporate office in Rockville MD and they also were told they had to wait for manager to come onsite to assist further.

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