Kensington Park Hotel
450 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1502

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I stayed a week at this Hotel. On the first night I started to have bites on my legs, but thought it eas a rash and eventually on day 3 I was certain that it was bed bugs. The man at the front desk insisted it was poison ivy but I hadn’t been near any plants or vegetation since I arrived or even shortly before. So unless poison ivy grows in shopping malls or on cable cars, it’ll be impossible. I confronted the front desk again and they switched me to another room, which seemed not to have an

y but the damage was already done.
I even contacted them officially via email to make a complaint and have compensation but they just brushed me off and didn’t want to take any responsibility.

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I checked in on Fri. Feb. 7th and didn't notice anything until Sat. afternoon, when my arms were itching. The next morning, I found a string of red bumps on both arms and a few on each leg. I googled "Bed bug bites" and found pictures that looked like mine. I reported this immediately to the maid, who told her supervisor (named Thai), who was apologetic. I reported it to the front desk agent (Vincent) who had me fill out an Incident Report, and that was all. I've heard nothing from the hotel and

the bites still itch like crazy. (My clothes are being cleaned, my luggage is sitting outside -- it's everyone's fear come true.)

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