Marina Inn San Francisco
3110 Octavia St
San Francisco, CA 94123

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Stayed October 6,2020 when we first got there there were mice droppings on the bed we ignored it...we went out and brought our blankets and pillow that we had in the truck to put over the hotels and then in the night we started hearing mice running turned on the lights and seen TWO!
We woke up the next day and I was itching in the night I had bed bug bites! I brushed it off cause it was only 3 and then later on more started popping up me and my kids and husband are fillled with bites all over

our body! I called the hotel and let them know he said "okay I'll contact pest control"

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I work up to be covered from neck to feet in bed bug bites. The management said that they would call to 'make things right'. They never called and when I called back, they said they 'I already paid'. Unbelievable.

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