Holiday Inn Express Central City
2660 Monterey Hwy
San Jose, CA 95111

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Stayed at this hotel, Rm 227, for 3 nights in June, 2019. Immediately got bitten by something upon sitting on the bed. Thought possibly a small spider that was in the bedding. After 2nd night in room and noticing more bites on me, I pulled back the bedding and noticed a type of mattress cover that I have never seen before, with a secured zipper-closure of some kind, so could not pull it back to check the mattress. (I have checked other hotel bedding and find they use traditional mattress covers

. This one was built more to keep something out.) More bites appeared on morning of check-out. Reported possible bed bugs to desk clerk upon check out and asked for the room to be checked. After returning home, numerous bites began appearing. (Researched bed bug bites and found they can appear up to 12 days after being bitten.) Went to doctor to see what they were, doctor confirmed bed bug bites and provided needed medication. I attempted numerous times to reach manager of this site. After numerous attempts he finally stated room was checked by their pest inspector and no bed bugs found. I don't know what kind of bug was living in that bed, but something definitely was. Most disappointing was the lack of effort by manager to try to communicate with me and see what he could do to help. Took it to next level to hotel's insurance company. After 6 months of trying to get resolution, claim was dropped. Communication from this hotel manager is very poor.

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