Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Resort & Indoor Waterpark
2643 N State Route 178
North Utica, IL 61373-9725

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Stayed at one of the villas rented through Airbnb - building 6. My pregnant wife woke up covered with red marks. Her doc told her to go to the ER, where we started to suspect bed bugs. We went back to get our things, and to check, and sure enough, there they were on the box spring at the top of the bed. We saw a dozen or so along the seam of the cover. The owners won't do a thing. Airbnb won't do a thing. The resort apparently is walled off from the condos even though it's under the same name, b

ut they can't do anything. I'm so frustrated.

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Stayed Halloween weekend 10/31/15- 11/2/15. Also got bitten about 10-20 times on my arms, neck, even forehead. My husband got bit also all over his arms. My 17 month old thankfully did not since we brought our own pack n play. Do not go here. Stay at the other Starved Rock lodge at the state park. This place has a big history of bed bugs that apparently is never fixed.

My kids and I stayed for 3 nights in August 2014 at the hotel. We all had bites but we thought it was because of our walks in the woods, but on our last day I got up from bed and my son saw a bug. It turns out it was a large bed bug. We captured it and put it in a cup. I told management ASAP they apologized told me they would send someone to my room. A man came by and I showed him the bug he thanked me for capturing it and gave me instructions on how to handle my clothes to avoid having bed bug

s in my house. It has been less than a week and the itching is still there my feet and hands have lots of bites and my son is also experiencing the same. I did not get a refund I did not even get a phone call even after a left a written complaint. Be ware!!!!!

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Dec. 2014 we spent one night at the resort. When I woke up the next morning I saw a few small streaks of fresh blood on the white sheet. Two days after returning home I had six bites on my hands that was very itchy and red. My husband also had bites on his hands that also were red and itchy. I am convinced we were bitten by bedbugs.

My wife, son, and I only had a one night reservation for 4/18/2014. Little did we know that we weren't going to last the whole night. This was my 3-yr old son's first time staying in a hotel and he was a little scarred and he started to cry at night that he wanted to go home...we should have listened. We decided to sleep with one of the bed stand lights on to try and comfort decision ever. We had a two queen bed room so my wife was on one bed and my son and I were on the other. Ar

ound 3AM my wife opened her eyes as she was rolling over and saw something move across her pillow. She grabbed a tissue and killed the bug. That made her get up and check the rest of her bed where she found another bug and kept it in the tissue to tell me. She woke me up and I killed that bug. I saw one crawling on my shirt so I killed that one too. I got up and we lifted my pillows and saw two more bugs crawling on the bed so I killed those too. All the bugs I killed left dark red blots on the tissue and bed sheets. I googled bed bugs and the picture that showed up looked exactly like the bugs that were in our room. We checked each other, packed up our stuff and went to the front desk with the bloody bed bug full tissue. There weren't any managers on duty but the gentleman at the front desk apologized right away and offered us a full refund. I was told that someone from management would call me the next day but no one ever did. I'm pleased with the refund but disappointed in the whole experience and the fact that no one from management followed up. I thought we had killed the bugs before they did any damage but I was wrong. I'm thankful my wife and son were spared, but I was bit along the full length of both arms, my head, and the back of my neck.

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Stayed for 2 nights towards the end of spring break 3/28-3/29/14. Did not have high expectations as far as the rooms, however, I did expect it to be clean. Cut the stay short due to bed bug bites on my kids. The rooms are so dark, the lamps are like candles which helps to create a perfect environment for bed bugs. The pool was not clean, being booked to capacity I would expect extra help to keep up with the cleanliness of the pool. Band Aids, globs of hair & pins are some of the items we came

across while in the pool. Had to let the shower run for 5 minutes before the water wasn't coming out brown (rusty). I realize it's a kid oriented place and I was not expecting 5 star accomodations, however, I paid top dollar to have my family bit up and grossed out! Our trip to the dermatologist confirmed the bites and perscribed the necessary medication. Go hiking for the day and then go back home to sleep, do not stay here!

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We stayed over xmas break. The room was ok but dated. The pool was very cold and small. The amusement park is small and run down. The hotel staff was friendly. The shower water smelled like rotten eggs. After doing research on the hotel when I returned home I found a few bedbug complaints on the bedbug registry. I didn't look for bedbugs because I was not aware of this information before we arrived. Now my family and I are under a drs care for bed bugs. I called management to complain and they q

uickly wanted to refund our room rate and offered a free stay which I nicely declined.
They tried to reassure me that housekeeping checked the room but was unable to find any bugs. I find it hard to believe this information . Please contact me if anyone else suffered similar experiences

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Had a one night stay booked at Grizzly Jack's. My room was in the main hotel. After falling asleep,I awoke out of a deep sleep with a start, to find MANY bed bugs running across my pillow. When I jumped out of bed and shook out my hair and ripped off my shirt,I noticed the bugs were also in the sheets and on the bed skirt. They were of varying sizes - adult bed bugs, and baby bed bugs.

It was 2:30a when I left. I literally drove 1.5 hours back home at an insane hour.

I left my luggage

, coat, boots and purse on my back deck in hopes of freezing the bugs to death. All of my clothing went into the dryer at high heat - some of which is now ruined b/c they are not supposed to be in the dryer at all.

I will be leaving my items outside at least 1 more day. I have to do the same thing with my vehicle b/c I am concerned my trunk has them if I took them with me via the luggage.

Grizzly Jack's has refunded the fee for my room and is apologetic and claims the issue has "already been taken care of". I find that fascinating, as I left their hotel at 2:30a, and they called me 12 hours later. There are extensive steps they would need to take in order to get rid of an infestation...and it does not take 12 hours. What did they manage to do in 12 hours, that actually took care of the infestation? I have no idea.


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My family and I went for a 2 night stay at this location and on the first night we opened up the pullout couch/bed and saw a small bug crawling on the mattress. I've seen pictures of bed jigs before And I knew right away that it was one. We packed up at 1130pm, got a full refund and drove an hour and a half home. I was so scared that I washed everything!! We took our bags straight to our laundry room of our apartment and unloaded.

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