Holiday Inn Express Waltham
385 Winter St
Waltham, MA 02451-8714

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Stayed there July 27-29 2022 in room 111. Got bitten in at least 10-12 locations on my arms and the upper body. Managed to kill one bug during night, was full of my blood

Also spent this past weekend at this hotel. Was in room 424. Happy to report no Bedbugs. I've spent numerous nights in this hotel over the last year and have had no encounters with bedbugs.

I spent two nights in room 137 on November 12 and 13 and had NO bedbug bites at all.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Waltham, MA from Sunday, August 15th through Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, in their 2-room suite, room 304.
I awoke after the first night with a bunch of bites on my chin and neck that I mistook for pimples; I thought I was having a breakout after eating food I don't typically eat (in Boston) the night before.
Then after the second night I awoke with a bunch of itchy bites on my arms. However, not ever having had experience with bedbugs, and not having read

any of the recent press, I did not immediately make a connection between the two incidents.
It was only after I checked out on 8/18/2010 that I realized that these were not pimples on my chin and neck (after I tried squeezing them; I know, gross, but this is how I figured it out). I looked up bedbug pictures online, and they were a match. I then visited my dermatologist, who confirmed my fears. I also took my own pictures of my bedbug bites.
I contacted the Holiday Inn Express, who vehemently denied the presence of bedbugs. They claim they had the room checked by a "pest-control company" called MD Weaver, and that nothing was found. The property manager pretty much accused me of picking up the bedbugs somewhere else. I was home before visiting Waltham, so he said that maybe they were "in my car." Ludicrous. He gave me ONE night's credit, when I originally paid for three nights. This is unacceptable and I still intend to contact Holiday Inn's corporate headquarters.
Meanwhile, I may have brough them home in my luggage, as my son just recently complained of itchy bites on his arms. What a nightmare!

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