The Westin New York Grand Central
212 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

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Stayed Dec 5 2019 for a work trip. Room 3323. Caught a live bed bug crawling across my mattress in the morning. Multiple bites.
Hotel responded rapidly and dry cleaned my clothes and suitcase. However, quality of suitcase cleaning is questionable since small things were not removed from pockets.
Experience led to need for medical treatment of allergic reaction to bites.
Hotel would not clarify how they cleaned the room or if it was taken out of service. Just said it was taken care of.

Hello Nive J,

As per your discussion with our Director of Operation and request, we had the rooms reinspected. I am pleased to inform that the room was in fact found negative of any pest activity.

Executive Assistant
Westin Grand Central

We stayed at the Westin (Grand Central) for 2 nights - 8/21 & 8/22. I woke up with bed bug bites on my hand and legs. The reaction was pretty severe with my hand being swollen from bite. On reporting the issue, they have promised to get back on "further actions" to be taken and that they will quarantine the room. The rest of the stay was miserable because of this! It was a pain to quarantine our stuff on coming back and will have to pay the doctor a visit as well. I most definitely will not rese

rve our stay there again!

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I stayed at the Westin Grand Central in July 2014, suffered nine bites on my legs and feet. Reported to the Westin who later confirmed they called an exterminator. No reimbursement, further response from Westin after reporting after multiple inquiries.

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