1333 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5N 1V7

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I lived here for a few months in 2021. It has a cockroach infestation, with glue traps around apartment that we didn't notice until after we moved in. We signed a year lease but left after a few months.

I've never experienced bed bugs before until moving here, and I've lived in New York and London. I've combed through my entire unit and although there are no signs of any bugs on my stuff, there are a few cracks in the walls and trim that look rather suspect.

I found a few dead bed bugs a couple of weeks ago. The exterminator came and did a preliminary treatment, and it seemed to work. Until I found 3 more today. Two dead ones and one crawling across the floor in my room. I checked all m

y belongings yet again and couldn't find anything so I think they may be an infestation in the walls or in one of the crevices.

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