1617 E 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

Found 24 reports:

Building is still infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, and mice. New building manager is lazy or incompetent and doesn't remove discarded furniture from common areas. Mattresses infested with bedbugs left at bottom of stairwells for months, eventually dragged outside and left leaning against tenants fence instead of calling someone to collect and remove this garbage.

Does anyone know the full name of management fredirco ......please thanks

Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager at 604-729-8290

I somehow contracted bed bugs in my couch at this location. The manager handled the problem immediately and contacted the pest control to have them in asap.

We had to have two fumigation as they were still in the couch and then I threw my couch away.

The landlord did a good job but I am thinking of finding a new place.

Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager at 604-729-8290

AHH! I live on the second floor of this building. I hope it's on the other side of the building.

Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager at 604-729-8290

Just wanted to let everyone thinking of renting here that bedbugs are currently an issue in numerous units on at least the second and third floors, and have been since at least mid August 2012. The building manager has pest control coming for multiple sprayings and is trying to get the problem under control. He has been very cooperative and easy to deal with regarding the problem, but he has not been telling neighbouring units about them - we've been telling each other since they seem to be comi

ng through the walls.

see full report...

Mice problems and now major flooding in some suites.

Hi guys I live in the same apartment.Does anyone know what's the owners phone number for this apartments.
thank you.

When did you have them?

The manager likes to post that everyone is disgruntled. Look at the posts- they span four years. I lived here, had bedbugs and the treatment was inadequate.

A (not disgruntled) past tenant telling the truth.

The guy down the hall just got sprayed last week (March 3, 2011). Lots of plumbing problems in this building too. We have had a few floods lately. I doubt the bedbug situation will improve here. Oh yeah, the building owner constantly answers every complaint on this site with the same bullshit form letter. They have been doing it for as long as I have lived here.
And they don't even clean the place anymore...

I was supposed to move in here as of March 1st, 2010. Before I signed the lease, I asked him specifically if there had ever been an issue with bedbugs and he assured me there hadn't been. The day before I was supposed to move in, I heard about this site and saw all of the reports! I was terrified and tried calling him to confront him about this. No answer until the day I was supposed to move in. I got there with 2 other friends and asked him about it. He didn't have an answer and muttered

something about people bringing them back from mexico but that was about "2 years ago". As he was taking us up to the suite, he said he checked out the place after the last tenant moved in and everything seemed fine and ready to move in. There was a super loud leak coming from the bathroom and the place was filthy, debris everywhere and stains all over the carpet, which he promised to have shampooed. He said he had to turn off my hot water and wouldnt be able to turn it back on for another 2 days!!! He said he was unaware of the leak which i thought was odd, considering when i asked him about the carpets he said he was there earlier, watching the carpets being shampooed.. (even though they were completely dry and there was garbage all over the place). I was in tears at the thought of living in this dump and told him I couldn't do it. He refused to give me my deposit back!!! Well, I have served him papers because I'm suing him for twice the amount now:) Thank goodness I listened to my gut on this one, this building and it's management is a joke. This is not false and I am not a disgruntled tenant and by repeating that over and over, you're only making yourself look like a fool.

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The posting below is all **False** it has been posted by a **Disgruntled Tenant** we use MPC or Canadian Pest Control If their are any deficiencies repairs are done with in 48 hrs.

Property Management

2nd floor:

Today (November 13, 2009) I found a bug on my bed. After killing it I ran to the internet and confirmed it was a bedbug.

A few months prior I'd woken with bites around my ankles and, thinking it was bedbugs, tore everything apart. I didn't find anything then. Now, having no bites that I can find on my body, I find a bug. Go figure!

Guess I gotta chat with the landlord. Here's hoping I *can* find more so I can take a picture and have proof.


I'm on the 3rd floor of this building, been living here for 5 years. In 2008 there were people on the opposite side of the building who had bedbugs. I know of 2 apartments on the 3rd floor that had them. Pest control only fumigated their apartments, though I heard they were supposed to fumigate the whole building (which they didn't).

We don't seem to have them in our apartment, but we DO have mice. We've had pest control come in, but the mice keep showing up every year, especially in the wint

er. We have a cat who seems to be doing a good job keeping the mice out, but last week I saw a mouse in the hallway, and my cat chased another one in our living room. We are trying to find a new place to move to because this place just sucks, and is full of pests, water leaks, and mold.

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we're on the 2nd floor and although we've heard of them possibly being in the building and have searched our apartment, there aren't any to be found.

Just moved in on the first, got an inspector to come in before I moved anything in due to the previous posts on this site and a flyer I was given. Sure enough, found some dead bugs and fresh castings within 5 minutes of looking around the bedroom, the pest control guy arrived and decided to spray immediately. 6 hours later I was allowed to go back in, found live ones crawling up through the carpet, (dying I HOPE) so I just left and am staying at a friend's for the night. I can't vacuum for 7 day

s, I've heard most pesticides arent fully effective so I might not even stay there until a week from now....that's a full week of rent paid where I'm afraid to live in my own apartment. The building manager did not tell me about this problem EVEN THOUGH I SAW HIM GO UPSTAIRS WITH A FUMIGATOR GUY WITH A PESTICIDE TANK an hour before mine came! Sounds like that should be illegal...good luck everyone, lets post updates here and hopefully we can do something about this!

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I live on the first floor near the front entrance. Have not seen one or been bitten (yet). Just found out after the memo that went out. I am super clean and am now vacuuming daily. This situation FREAKS me out. Does anyone know which units are affected? Or if there is anything I can do to break my lease if they enter my suite? (the landlord obviously must have known before I moved in due to the dates of these posts) Thanks.

Thousands!!! I've been here for years with no problem, then a week ago my world fell apart. I sleep 15 minutes then wake up and spend 30 minutes squishing them. Then sleep for 15 minutes more then wake. Repeat, repeat and repeat. Can't take much more. Has anyone told the landlord? I scribbled about it on that painting notice on the front door and all that happened is the notice got took down. Discouraging... This all started July 3rd or 4th of 2008. Afraid I'll get blamed and evicted,

but might have to take that chance. Going crazy, and not slowly. Bring back DDT, it's safe for birds so long as used wisely. Oh yeah it's apartment 312 on the third floor. Beware lest ye suffer my fate.

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They\'re in my apartment too. I had thought it was fleas as the previous owner had a cat; however after removing my sheets to clean them I found a live one crawling underneath (and, of course, I\'m also covered with bug bites since moving in).

Was getting bites for last few months plus sensations of bugs crawling on me at night. Thought it was fleas, but after my cat was on advantage for 5 months was still being bitten. Heard someone else in my building had bed bugs. Finally caught one that was crawling on me.

They are in this building...

Found a whole whack of them that had infested my bed. Threw away bed and other furniture. Seems like it is a Vancouver thing, as they are showing up all over town.

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