1235 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Terrible terrible management. You will not get your deposit back. Everything is broken.

Terrible management.
Very racist.
The entrance door is usually broken.

Terrible management.
Very racist.
The entrance door is usually broken.

from Pest control Supervisor Vancouver BC .2013
apartments everywhere have bed bug problems 1235 Nelson st reacted very quickly to someone bringing bed bugs into the building ,follow up has been performed and therefore there has been no problem for years

Clearly someone from the management of this building is posting as anonymous. That is a BAD sign. Someone has something to hide, clearly.

There have definitely been bed bugs in this building in the past.

It seems that Jason from 6769 Dow Ave in Burnaby has been put on this address by mistake we have no Beg bugs on the 2nd floor or any floor for that matter and we dont have anyone named Jason in this whole building .Thankyou for your understanding ,I think that some Tenants if they have had problem\'s with management will go to any lenths to cause a problem I advise anyone to ask there building manager before they believe everything they read

6769 dow avenue, burnaby

july 2008.

The entire second floor of the apartment was infested with bed bugs. I was bitten by bed bugs and still can't not get rid of it.

Somebody in this apartment bought a used sofa. Seems like this sofa was infested with bed bugs. now the bed bugs spread away to all suites of the second floor

Landlord has taken measures to stop the small outbreak in the one suite and will have PCO\'s enter building once a month to inspect and make sure there are no problems. Great preventative measures to keep building free from pests.

After the help of the landlord and her willingness to make sure the suites in this apartment are consistantly sprayed, I am pleased to say that the problem at 1235 Nelson St has dwindled significantly. In fact, the landlord has offered to have a company come in every month to spray, as well as to bring in a PCO for any individual events, if they occur. This is good news for current and prospective tenants to this well-situated and affordable heritage building.

We moved in here, a little over half a year ago. My boyfriend started to get bites -- where I wasn't affected at all (I don't usually get affected at all in such mild conditions due to insect bites) He'd get bites from time to time, but his bites turned into welts, so we thought he was allergic to things. We tried different remedies, like different soap, laundry degerent, but he still kept getting them, and I was still fairly untouched. Finally, I went to Chicago, where it was a much hotter, and

muggy climate, and all of a sudden all these bites started showing, (he got lots more while I was away).

So when we got home, we inspected the cracks of our room, and we saw two that night crawling out of the cracks (We're on the bottom floor - and it's not a well-kept building) We let our landlord know, and honestly, she didn't seem to care at all. Now the whole building is really concerned, and after a month ago, when we first told her, we got the first spray down about five days ago, I didn't get any more bites, but my boyfriend has got a couple more.

We're hoping that the next spray will take care of the rest of them (We figure the bites are from the eggs hatching, and growing. We never saw them during the day before, and we don't think we have a bad infestation, but we've seen abandoned mattresses outside of our building that you can definitely tell they have been infested -- so we're treating, and then retreating.

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