1644 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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This building is poorly managed and the manager is a sour puss. The units are full of bugs that come out of the walls at night


even if you need service the manager will not help you.

Considering moving into this building (Dec '15/Jan '16)...should I??!! Someone, anyone, please get back to me and update on the bedbug situation in this building a.s.a.p. please! Thank you very much.

Yikes! which floor are you on?

Just moved in a month ago,,, doing my bedding laundry today and found 5 bugs,,, my feet were itchy a few times this month but nothing major, but now I'm grossed out... Hope to have my place sprayed soon

Can some one please post an update here about the current situation of the building.

i will be moving into the building Sept 1, 2012. is the situation still the same? is there better management? i am a little concerned now. if nothing has changed since, i am going to have a lot of trouble for the next year with the extent of my lease.
someone, anyone, please get back to me.

This building is currently infested. Managements current policy is to treat the infested apartment with 4 sprays (weekly), and 4 the surrounding apartments (above, below, left, and right) with 4 perimeter sprays. Well, my neighbour below got them around 4 months ago and I was sprayed; my neighbour above got them 2 months ago and I was sprayed again. Now I have found them in my apartment... the perimeter sprays obviously are not working.

The building is filthy, nothing is ever vacuumed, and th

e laundry rooms are a disaster. I have heard numerous people around the building complaining about the problem, so it is obviously out of control. My apartment is very small, so I'm afraid I'll be out both a bed and a very expensive couch too. This building needs a thorough cleaning and every unit, hallway, laundry room, and elevator needs to be sprayed.

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Yes we have bed bugs for up to 5 yrs. Please Health department help us. All the staff should be fired except the youngest which is the young maintenance man staff, and he had them in his own home 4 times. The Manager is in her office and playing cards on her computer, and a great example when she smokes out side the front entrance. The carpets are vacuumed once a month if lucky.The front doors are open all day leaving us open to breaking in your apartment. The company are letting people in and

a day later have Bed Bugs. Then she spends time out smoking and dressed inappropriately.Maybe she doesn't know the bye law's.Please property manager come and help us if you know your job.

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my friend very clean has been sprayed for bed bugs due to lack of care of the management the floors only get vacuumed on average once a month making it easy for bedbugs to be transferred from apartment to apartment, from the lack of cleaning by management. i know of other facts including incidents including minors who have been treated like dirt from management due to bed bugs but due not want to post due to fear of retaliation from management and staff for they think they are untouchable. you

can walk through the building at any time and see that the floors and laundry facilities are a mess and can see that this is one of the major reasons of bedbugs spreading in the building. I have lived here for close to three years and in the past year I have seen the bug man here on average of once month. Very dirty building that needs to be looked into. I also have heard from the maintenance man a very clean and organized man that he had tracked bed bugs home. I also believe the government should look into ways in stopping bed bug spread by making it mandatory that all laundry facilities should be sprayed in the apartment after finding bed bugs in the building. For the first thing people do is wash there clothes and bedding and this making it easy for people who do not have bed bugs to go home with a new unwanted friend for simply doing laundry on the wrong day.

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I am very concerned about the way the owners of this building go about addressing the bedbug situation. A relative of mine had to have her apartment sprayed shortly after she moved in. After a few months she moved to another apartment in the same building, only to find an even worse situation. She had to have the apartment sprayed on a weekly basis - four times. These sprays are extremely toxic, yet she was told that she could return to the apartment two hours after it was sprayed. As long as

they spray only one or two apartments, instead of the whole building at one time, they will not get rid of the situation.
What is the Vancouver department of Health doing about this - why is this allowed?

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I have lived at this building for just over a year. One person I know in the building, on another floor, got bedbugs immediately upon moving in at the end of summer 2008. I got bedbugs two months later. Since then there have been two occasions when people on my floor have had bedbugs (I have seen the pest control notices indicating plans to spray on their doors). I also spoke to someone who said there had been another instance on my floor earlier in 2008. When I told the manager she said sh

e wished that the company who owns the building would just go ahead and spray the whole building all at once, so that the problem could be eliminated, but this has not yet happened. There is a pest control van parked out front of the building at least once a month. The building has 25 floors and with instances of two or three times a year per floor this is a huge problem.

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