1298 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

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Ok, where to start. The building owners are a nightmare to deal with. Nothing gets fixed and when it is "fixed" it is done shoddily then when you move out you are blamed for all of the "damages" - if you had repaired these things when they were reported then there would be no "damages". Owners get off on intimidating tenants and gaslighting them. Will enter your suite without permission or notice and when you confront them on that say "well I knocked first" apparently knocking and not receiving

an answer means you can just enter someone's home.

MICE. This is an old building and that comes with risk of mice. These guys will get into every opening they can and I have discovered that metal mesh crammed into every space you can think of does the trick.

Basically this is a building in a great area but you can find something bigger, with outdoor space, and brighter in plenty of other desirable areas for the same price (and likely cheaper) with owners who treat you with respect. Your rent will be jacked up every year and these are the kind of owners who made you sign a new 1 year lease every year and upped the rent to whatever they wanted before that practice was ended by the government.

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I could never recommend to a friend or family member to live at the shaughnessy lodge. The "management" ensure at every step that they squeeze as much money out of you as possible. They do not care about repairs, and if you ask them 10+ times for an essential repair, they will send the cheapest, least qualified person to enter your unit to do a half rate stop gap repair. They agreed to make repairs that they had no intention of making. They completely gaslight a neighbor who experienced a break-

in. Their security cameras only work to monitor their tenants. I have personally seen them break tenancy laws an uncountable number of times including entering apartments without permission of the tenant. Mice and silverfish abound. Run, do not walk away from this building.

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There has never been bed bugs but this is the only platform I see that I can use to voice my concerns. This building is run by a nice building manager, but the owners are another story. I cant believe they havent been investigated by the Tenancy Rights board yet....they are awful, mean, condescending, and outright bullies. I have never met a tenants with something nice to say about the owners. The outside of this building may be pretty, but don't be fooled: you will probably be targeted by the l

andlords at least twice per year when you live here. The constantly try to pull shady shit on people that is totally illegal. be on your toes.

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No bed bugs but it's not a good place to live. Owners are awful people and all the tenants hate them. They only go for young tenants because they think we don't know our rights and they can pull shady stuff. Owners are threatening and unprofessional, find somewhere else to live. Plenty of great spots in the area.

No bedbugs but there is a mouse issue. The on-site manager will get pest control to come take care of it but unless they do the entire building and not just your unit, you will continue to see evidence of rodents rooming with you. It's an old and large building, so maybe this is to be expected.
The biggest problem with this building is the scheming, dishonest, heartless cockroach (see previous review) who takes advantage of the fact that most residents don't know their rights or don't want to m

ake waves by filing formal complaints.
If you move here, get to know your neighbours. It's a great community that is basically a support group. This building is far from a bad place to live, just beware of the landlord, know your rights as a tenant and you'll be ok. Overall, units are beautiful but small. Landlord could be better but there are a lot worse in the city- which isn't saying much

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Shaughnessy lodge has a huge bug problem!!!!!

From the time i signed the lease to now, a giant roach with glassy dead eyes will harrass me and other tenants in the building. "you're getting such a great deal!" the roach hissed at me as i signed the papers, "nobody in vancouver pays rent this low!" The roach asked for 12 rent checks for $1700/month. The giant bug put me in a 500 sq-ft. nicotine-coloured box, gleefully pointing out how necessary it is to get approval to make any alterations to

the apartment.

It's been a nightmare since, where this hissing cockroach with a strangely posh tone will scurry about, demanding tenants stay on their best behavior, while the roach provides the bare minimum in terms of services (following their share of the law to the skeletal, ~minimum~ extent that they are legally required, cutting corners wherever possible). If you are seeing this, know that I wish I could attach a photo of the garbage/recycling room that the roach has allowed in the basement of the Shaughnessy Lodge.

Time and time again, the tenants have voiced their complaints, but as the roach is perfectly satisfied letting itself and its tenants live among refuse, it has gone unaddressed.

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Fred Stobauer in #309 is a louse. He'll suck your blood. Ask about him at the Employment Standards office of BC. He stole $10K from his staff before locking the doors to open another scumsucking enterprise in the suburbs under an assumed name. This was in 2010 and you can be sure he's still feeding off his staff.

Since the owners of this Bed Bug Registry are not monitoring the content of issues placed here, the management of 1298 West 10th has to comment on our well loved, well managed and sought after building. The thefts alluded to in postings in the fall of 2011 were devastating for all and were the direct result of a pair of tenants who fell to drug addiction. Even for such undesirables we had to follow the Tenancy Board Guide lines re: eviction. They have been gone for over 4 months. All locks are s

ecure, the bike room has a metal door with a coded lock that we monitor and new tenants are being even more thoroughly screened.

Re: bed bugs, Orkin Pest Control monitor the building and whenever we hear of a complaint they are brought in to test the questioned area and treat it if necessary. It has been well over 18 months since they have had to "treat". The way they test is with a highly trained dog who is sensitive to the bugs.

Worthy of note, August 18th 2011 a bed bug comment was made on this registry, that same week a tenant in our building contacted us as she thought she had bed bugs. Orkin was called and on 19th of August 2011 and attended this tenant's apartment with the highly trained dog. There were NO bed bugs. Her rash was due to something else.

Our Building is clean and we take the maintenance of it very seriously.

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UPDATE: I wrote the item below about it being an excellent place to live. I was wrong. I felt this way UNTIL I dealt I had to deal with the management. Bicycles and property have been stolen from the common areas of the building for 3 months straight. They know about it and, so far, have done NOTHING about it. My new statement is that the maintenance staff make the building beautiful and livable. The owners make it unbearable.

I can't speak to bed bugs, but I can tell you that 1298 West 10th has a major security problem. Theft in the building is rampant (especially from the locked bike room) and the owners refuse to take any actions to remedy the situation.

One key (easily copied) opens the front door and all common doors, including those leading to storage lockers and the bike room. This system is easily exploited, and rarely a week goes by without someone getting something stolen.

Despite repeated complai

nts, the management has taken no action. So, now you know.

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August 2011
Definitely bed bugs in this building. The owners do show some concern however they get defensive and try to put blame on anything but the "building." Unfortunately these things can happen and can come from anywhere and as much as it sucks it does not matter where the bugs came from it's that they are there. Having this matter dealt with is a constant back and forth between the owners when all you want is results. They do try to take care of it as soon as possible but dealing with th

em is frustrating. And after all the preparation no person wants to continue living there with the possibility of them coming back. I would look elsewhere for 2 reasons. One its a large building and bed bugs spread, after having your house fumigated its only a matter of time until they make their way back to your suite and 2 the owners are impertinent,arrogant and presumptuous.

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As of June 15 2011 the Shaugnessey Lodge is still infested with mice and bedbugs. The owners have begun renovating some suites those done RECENTLY seem to have less to no infestation issues but the majority of the apartments, especially those with the older style kitchens and murphy beds have major mice problems, the bed bugs are definitely around in some suites still. We tennents talk, I have personally seen the exterminators. The owners seem annoyed to be bothered with petty concerns such a

s mice and their endless feces, regardless how clean one keeps their suite. I think the previous comment was written by the owners assistant. Denial and Disregard.

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There are no bed bugs, no mice, and no rats.
A very well maintained building and an excellent place to live.

I was looking this last week at an apartment in this building. Has this problem been taken care of. Mice, Rats and bedbugs, that's alot to be concerned about. Thanks

Bedbug infestetion, mice galore. The owners do not care about what happens with the tennents. Shaughnessey Lodge is ran by slum lords. The only No heat in the winter. I have not experienced bed bugs in my suite but the rats and mice are rampent regardless how clean the apartment is. Bed bugs are in several suites and the owners refuse to take steps to rid us tenents of this problem. Looking for a new apartment...Dont move here!

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