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This happened during the end of Mar 2020 and wasn't resolved until mid-Apr 2020. I was a college student who was kicked out of housing due to COVID, we had moved into Apt 9, a 2bd/2ba apartment. We were taking over the lease from 2 previous tenants, who were stuck home in their states.

The room that was infested was the main bedroom, which my housemate had. We believe that the tenant who had previously occupied that room was responsible for bringing it in since both of us moved from college

housing, which was bedbug treated at the start of the winter term, and we moved our stuff using the same car, which would have spread the bugs onto my belongings as well. However, my room was not infested and I did not receive any bug bites.

My housemate started getting bug bites about a week into unpacking. These bites would appear in threes (typical bedbug bite marks) and would itch a fair bit, but he choked it up to dust allergies as the previous tenant and his family didn't do a very good job cleaning the room. However, we were soon alarmed when my housemate's girlfriend, who visited one night, began to get the same bite marks, and on one occasion, my housemate actually saw a bedbug wriggling across the surface of the mattress, which finally sprung us to action. We requested a bedbug inspection from the building manager which happened the following week. This was around the start of April when spring term classes were starting to begin. The inspector came one morning and told us that there was evidence of bedbugs (feces, bloodstains, black spots) in the main bedroom along the crevices behind the bedframe and trailing from one of the electrical outlets. There was none in my room, which faced the main entrance.

We received our chemical treatment (I believe the extermination company used Temprid) a few days later, for which we both had to vacate the premises, bag all our belongings in plastic trash bags, and move all our furniture away from the wall. We returned later that day after the treatment and decided to eradicate the source of bedbugs once and for all. We flipped the mattress and the bed spring and began inspecting along the seams and any well-hidden crevices and spots. To our horror, we found bedbugs crawling along the stapled seams, on tags, and on the sides of the mattress. We could see small eggs popping out as we pushed into the sides of the mattress. We sprayed rubbing alcohol like crazy on any live ones that we could find, placed the carcasses into a double Ziploc bag (as evidence), and dusted Cimexa all over the mattress and the box spring before encasing them. We also sprayed Cimexa along the parameters and nooks and crannies of both our rooms.

I lived in the apartment for about 6 months after the incident before finally moving out, and was pretty much bedbug-free. The most frustrating thing that happened was the management corporate actually put the blame on us for bringing the bedbugs in, citing no prior pest history in the building, even though based on our previous residence and the timeline during which we found the bedbugs, it would have been impossible for us to bring in a colony of bedbugs that large. They charged us for the cost of inspection and treatment even though Under California law, landlords are responsible for bedbug treatments unless they can prove that tenants' willfully brought them into the building. We threatened to sue the management, and they finally backed down and ate the cost. To this day, I still have a very deep-rooted fear of dealing with bedbugs. They might be harmless to your health, but they are a royal pain to deal with and spread very quickly. I believe Apt 9 might be in a better place now since we actually got rid of the source of the bedbugs (both the mattress and bedspring), so whoever moves in afterward will probably not have to deal with it. While the management dealt with the bedbugs fairly quickly, the story still shows how unfair the management treated us and tried to extort us even though we were just a couple of harmless college students who weren't responsible for the infestation, who couldn't go home, and who were struggling to find a place to live right when the pandemic started.

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