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first reported sightings of bedbugs in early February of 2021 (02/09) to our landlord and he had someone he knows come out to inspect mine and my partner's unit (02/13). our unit wasn't treated and the specialist left. the specialist confirmed that while we were seeing bedbugs, they were not coming from our unit as the source of the infestation. the specialist expressed that if we see them again he would come out to inspect.

he returned the following Saturday (02/20) and once again confirmed

we were seeing bedbugs but our unit wasn't the source. late February (02/27) we reported to our landlord again of bedbug bites and we would continue to see 1-2 in a week. our landlord expressed that no one else in the building was complaining after we notified him again of the pest. he said he'd send his specialist out (03/03) for another visit however the specialist never showed up on the scheduled date.

we reached out again the next day (03/04) to tell our landlord the specialist was a no show and our landlord said he was out of town, his specialist didn't inspect our unit until 03/15 and once again... confirmed we were seeing bedbugs but our unit was not the source and therefore did not treat our unit to eliminate the issue.

after speaking with several other tenants in our multi-unit building, we've learned that our neighbors in fact have been complaining and expressing sightings to the landlord but nothing is being done. one tenant expressed she's notified our landlord several times in the past four years and told our landlord the laundry room was heavy with bedbugs, another tenant expressed his unit had been sprayed but the bedbugs keep returning.

simply we feel it's only right to let others know about this ongoing issue.

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