39 Turner Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Found 2 reports:

I used to live in that building. There was a bed bug problem involving multiple apartments from mid February 2020 and it kept reoccurring until January 2021 and February, a year later. No matter how many treatments I went through, follow up treatments, no matter how many cracks I would seal myself (wood floors and baseboards) or the management would also send a contractor. The management complied with all treatments and was truly impeccable. But tenants were not. The tenants or apts who had the

main bed bug problem (or who I believe were at the source of the problem) were ignoring inspections, not reporting it to the pest company or the management. They absolutely neglected “their problem”. So it kept on happening every 3-4 months. More bites, bad sleep, etc. super stressful. Dreadful. I felt the threat would always come back... no matter what I did on my end, I was going to be at the mercy of careless irresponsible neighbors. I moved out!!

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This is another round with bed bugs. It appears to be in multiple apartments, and they seem to be traveling from apartment to apartment. There has been little movement besides the required spray from the management company. Even pest management is worried about openings around piping and baseboards. Let's see how this goes...

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