188 Suydam St
Brooklyn, NY 11221

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I am the tenant who previously posted on 1/22/20. I woke up in the middle of the night with multiple bites & 2 small stains on my bed linens. I knew immediately what that was, so I submitted a service request to the management company (a different one from the last time, so we’ll see how promptly they respond). I stripped my bed & got back in with just a lamp on to see what would happen. Not even 2 hours later, an engorged bed bug (absolutely was the one biting me) crawled up onto the mattress

, & I killed it.

I am 100% convinced that the building is infested. This is the 2nd time, & this comes after a year of strict social distancing due to the pandemic & being immunocompromised. I have been working from home the entire time, & only leave my apt to walk my dog & grocery shop. There is absolutely no way I brought this bed bug in. I have not had a single visitor in over a year. I have not visited anyone in over a year. Furthermore, multiple tenants have said they’ve had infestations at different times. While the statistics in NYC are staggering (1 in every 8 NYers has bed bugs), the sheer amount of people in the same building having infestations at different times suggests that this is a building-wide problem.

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Found 2 live bedbugs crawling across my desk at night and finally received an answer to what’s causing all my mystery bug bites. Turns out the building had a history we didn’t know about and my guess is they fled to our apartment from another unit in the building. Further inspection found eggs on my studio monitors, a small shell in my record collection, and skins on our mattress. Landlord is sending exterminators but I’m honestly traumatized by the whole experience and knowing I signed in

to a place with an existing issue. Turns out other tenants in the building were also unaware

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After a couple of weeks of getting bites & not being able to find any evidence of bedbugs, I finally found one on the evening of 1/21/20. I contacted the managing company, & they had an exterminator contact me immediately. I have 2 scheduled treatments, 1 on 1/24/20, & the 2nd on 1/31/20. The good news: the management company was quick to respond. That haven’t been for other issues, but this was pretty immediate this time. The bad news: I have bed bugs, of course. I am very suspicious of a ten

ant who lives in the building next door, 186 Suydam Street. I caught him the very same day I found the bedbug outside his building wrapping an excrement-stained mattress in plastic wrap. My mattress doesn’t have stains like his, so I think his infestation is worse &/or going on longer than mine. The buildings on this street are multi-unit townhouses that touch each other, so his apt wall could be touching mine, hence the suspicion. Hopefully he is doing more than just wrapping his mattress, like contacting his landlord/property manager to have a professional exterminator treat his apt like I am. Otherwise, I’m afraid of getting another infestation after this one has been eradicated. Moral of the story: don’t move to townhouses that touch. You could end up sharing more than just a wall. 🤢

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