281 Crown St
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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Began seeing bites as the weather started warming up shortly after COVID-19 quarantine. After gaslighting myself for several months, we reported this to our landlord and pest control services, and my partner and I fled (with thoroughly sanitized and de-bugged belongings) to a hotel Jul 19, 2020 - Jul 26, 2020. After two visits with pest control, and five rounds of treatments (we bought the same treatment the pest control company used to use in between visits), we have not had any bites in at lea

st 8 months.

While our landlord did cover the costs of the exterminator, they did not cover the costs of our hotel during our absence, the bed (frame, mattress, bedding, etc.) that we had to replace.

Our apartment is on the first floor of this building, which may have lent itself to this experience. Our neighbors did not seem to have any problems. I did, however, learn that bedbugs HAVE HISTORICALLY BEEN ABLE TO MOVE THROUGH WALLS.

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