199 Roehampton Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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We have lived here for the last 9 years. The building is well maintained and the supers do a diligent job towards the cleanliness of the common areas. Although there were issues with cockroaches about a year and a half ago, they have been far and few in between for the past year. We made a report when we first noticed some in our apartment and the issue was quickly dealt with. We also did our part to ensure that we didn’t attract any in our unit. The building has regular pest control treat

ments, so they do try their best to keep the building pest free. Still a great building to live in.

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There are ants and cockroaches. The supers don't care and blame others. They act nice to get you to move and then treat you like crap. And then harass you. The environment is awful because of them. DO NOT MOVE HERE.

This building has a SERIOUS cockroach problem. I've lived here for a few years and every 6-8 weeks you'll start seeing roaches coming through the vents, cracks in the floor, and even once through my front door. The landlord's response has been that there was "one bad tenant" that was at the root of the problem.... which was two years ago and yet nothing seems to be improving. Between the roaches and the homeless shelter that has taken over the block, I would think twice before

living here.

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Horrible ant infestation for this building. It's been crawling all over the place ever since the construction

I lived in this building for a few years and just recently moved out. In my years there I never had a problem with any kind of insects. The building is very clean, extremely well maintained, and very well managed. The unit was spotless when I moved in, I had a great tenancy there without any issues with any pests, and upon my move out the management came in to do an inspection to make sure all was in good shape and there were no concerns.
The management takes a lot of pride in this building

There is a pharoh ant infestation in this building.

There are cockroaches in the building. Be careful. No matter how much they sweept or vacuum, they can't get rid of it if they don't care.

Be careful of the lies below. This building is dirty and the supers don't really care.

I have lived at 199 Roehampton for 30 years in the same 8th floor suite. There have been no bedbugs, mice or any other critters except for a couple of days just before the Johnston family retired as Supers. We had a mouse come in from a hole in the wall where the stove cable is attached. We caught it and 2 days later caught the mate. We plugged the hole with steel wool and have seen nothing since.

Just put your food items from loose boxes or bags into glass or tin containers to help keep

your kitchen cabinets clean. Do the usual housecleaning. No Problems.

Our current Superintendents may seem a little strict sounding but they are caring, fair and do a smashing job of trying to keep everything clean. The best we have ever had. Just make sure you speak English a bit slow and make sure everyone understands each other. Language differences. Great Hard Working People.

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Lived here at 199 Roehampton for >8 years. Currently one of the best buildings in Toronto. The superintendents are awesome. The building is immaculate. Never had a bug / mouse problem, and the units are well sealed from each other. Individuals can of course bring in problems into their own apts, but there is not a problem with the building itself. Great spot.

Does anyone know of any mice or bedbug infestations in this building? Im planning to move in September 2012.

As of May 2011 apartment is still overrun with Mice, Super's are trying to improve, but property manger cares less so little or no progress. Would highly advise not moving into this building unless you like mice living with you.

We have been here 1 1/2 years on the 12th floor, we have not had any problems with bugs or mice.

I would like to know if in this building tenants are still having problems with bed bugs or other issues.
I am planning to move in june.

Unit 1207, infested with both bedbugs and mice. Fall 2006. Unit was fumigated, but not others. Tenant has since moved out, obviously.

Apt 308, fall/winter of 2009. Tenant has since moved out.

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