77 St Clair Ave E
Toronto, ON M4T

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Started seeing cockroaches in the kitchen September 2021. Gel treatment was provided after an entire month of no-shows and back and forth. The treatment was not effective and the problem continued to worsen. We also tried super-cleaning the oven and cupboards, setting glue traps, covering the drains, to no avail. By the time I moved out you could turn on the lights at any point during the night and see half a dozen adult cockroaches scurrying away without fail. Moreover they started appearing in

the living areas.

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have lived here for 5 years and have never had any bedbugs or have ever seen a cockroach
the building is very well managed and well taken care of!

Recently moved in bought new furniture all excited and saw these bed bugs yesterday. Since had bite marks itching like hell. I'm so regretting moving here.

The building cosmetically looks great. But night time you see roaches everywhere ....the management prefer not to believe you. The Azuria head office old hedgehog lady is rude and shows attitude every time u go with a apartment issue. I'm planning to move ASAP

I have found bed bugs on two occasions in my apartment at 77 St Clair Ave East. The most recent incident was 12/10/2012.

Possibly my sightings of babies were a FALSE ALARMs!! They could have been ticks, which are everywhere outside. I would like to delete my postings but I do not know how.

I heard third hand that someone in one of the penthouse apts, someone who had been travelling, had them. This report was in Oct or Nov 2010, so I don't know the time of the infection. I don't know what the outcome was. I brought back a few from a Niagara-on-the-Lake store in Sept. May have had a bite or two; difficult to tell.
Got everything completely under control with vacuuming, sealing, mattress encasement, and diatomaceous earth, and Vicks vapour rub barriers and isolation of bed. Now 4 mo

nths later I found another baby. @*#8&*!! Took bed apart again. Repeat as above. Bought something with proxopur in it because there are too many cracks to fill.

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