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cockroaches. lots of them too. don’t do it

Any updates on how this building is doing in 2020 ?

Are bed bugs still a problem ?

Any updates on how this building is doing in 2020 ?

Are bed bugs still a problem ?

Any updates on how this building is doing in 2020 ?

Are bed bugs still a problem ?

I did not live in this building but I did live in the building beside it that is managed by the same company(North 44). If you read even reports from 2008 they paint an accurate picture of North 44 property management to this day.

They are slumlords who will blame you for the problem and threaten to evict you should you try to stand up to them.

They have bed bugs in both these buildings they manage, and do not try to fix the situation.

When I read the last report 'Ḱen', I just HAD to write this to support it 100% hit the nail on the head with mgt. They are grossly rude for no reason at all...think it's an old school power trip kinda thing as they obviously a bit loser-ish in nature. Even heard racists remarks made by the old man and old lady.
So freaking annoying especially when you get a unit crawling with roaches and bedbugs in return for the 'śuperb'service....haha, what freaking losers....never again!!!!!

I went to this building to inquire about an apartment. I had an appointment at 12:30 and showed up at 12: 35. When I arrived, the front office lady was extremely rude telling me i'd have to wait since my appointment had been at 12. She then proceeded to go have a conversation with her co worker about nothing, just to make me wait. That was when I noticed a BED BUG on the wall. I immediately ran out of there,

I have been living in 1 Homewood for 2 1/2 years. I am a single female and have had zero problems. Having had previous exposure to bedbugs I know what to look for in a good apartment and I know to clean my sheets, bedding and let nothing fabric touch the floor. I have had no problem with bedbugs at all in this building. Not even one.

I loved this place, and I will be sad to leave. The diversity of the neighborhood and the fact that the village is a couple blocks away actually made it safer f

or me. I only ever found one mouse in my two and a half year stay, a tiny little thing, and my cat caught it.

Do you research people, that's expected of a building that is almost 100 years old and was, once upon a time, a hotel.

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I subleased an apartment from May-Sep 2012 and moved out after a month. For a 20-something girl living on her own this place is not safe. The area is sketchy as its right next door to a mens only shelter. The building and apartment are very old, and have not been maintained or updated in the slightest. My apartment had an awful smell that wouldn't go away after I cleaned every inch of it, I finally resorted to masking it with air fresheners. I was honestly terrified to do my laundry in the l

aundry room, and didn't even feel safe while in my apartment. My apartment window faced in to the building, so I felt like I had absolutely no privacy as the other tenants could see right in.

Honestly this place was a nightmare. If you are a girl looking to live on your own avoid this place at all costs.

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I've lived in the building for about 6 months now and have not had any problems with bed bugs. Also there are many tenants that I have spoke to in the building that have extended their lease and have been living there for years. Like most old apartment buildings in the city 1 Homewood does have mice. I catch at least 1 mouse a week. The rent is fairly cheap but thats because of the rooming house right beside the building and the street is lined with transvestite prostitutes every single freakin'

I do feel that it is a safe building and the superintendent has always been there to fix things or help with the odd noise complaint.

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This building is crawling with bed bugs! STAY AWAY!

I have had one case in december and had the unit sprayed three times, took all the precautionary measures and porceeded to steaming and spraying the place on a regular basis since then. It seemed to have cleared so I simply stuck to keeping the place neat and tidy.

NEVERTHELESS, I woke up a three months later to a bed bug in my bed.

The residents in this building to not give two shits about their apartments, this is why these problems

continue. If only unit has them.. it's only a matter of time before it spreads in such a poorly maintained building.


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hi.. i am thinking of moving into this bld - seems like its going to be the 4th floor. any recent outbreaks?

We just found out we have bed bugs in our unit...

Currently moving out from a 1bdrm unit on ground floor and have no problems at all with our unit. I have though heard of others who have had bed bugs through out the building. Check with the management which units!

Hi there, I'm just about to move into a large 1bdrm on the main floor, does anyone know if that floor is particularly prone or if its relatively safe? Does anyone have updates? Thanks!

I've been living at 1 Homewood for about a year and a half now and have had one scare with bed bugs. We did find three of them within our unit (on the bed no less), but our place ended up being sprayed three times over the course of a few weeks and since then I've not spotted anything and have lived relatively calm minded since then.

That being said... I'm not honestly not sure it's worth the risk to move into a building not knowing that there's a chance you MIGHT get bed bugs. We certainly

weren't advised of it prior to moving in. Finding our first bed bug was incredibly stressful, because you really don't know how bad the infestation is going to be or how badly it'll ruin your belongings. For us, we were pretty darn lucky, for others that we've spoken to within the building they haven't been as fortunate. It seems to come down to problems with individual units. If you're moving in and check this site first, be sure you bring up bed bugs and ask them which units have problems.

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Hey was looking at moving to this building anyone have updates on the situation?

Thanks for the info people i just emailed someone on craigs list about his jr bedroom at this location, and by chanced googled the address to find out if it was an unsafe area full of junkies and i found this info about the bed bugs which to me is just as bad, much appreciated!!!

This place is bedbug infested and the property management has failed to do anything about it. I had bed bugs and my life was turned upside down. I couldn't sleep or eat. I urge you to stay away from 1 Homewood and please do your homework, since management is not forthcoming with their information!

I have been living here for a year and haven't had a bed bug problem at all. I was so worried when I first moved in because I had read this site prior but there turned out to be no problem! - a little relief for someone moving in

I have lived here for over 6 months and have never had an issue or have even heard of one since living here

This building has so many bed bugs if they took airmiles I could fly around the world 20 times over

Hello all. The last report here was made roughly 6 months ago and I'm surious to know if the situation has improved at all? Does anyome have any updates?? Thank you kindly...

This building is horrible.
The Supers supposedly brought in someone to take care of the bed bugs 3 times, and still couldn't take of the problem.

I've lived in a number of buildings in Toronto, and this is the only one that I recommend to anyone I don't like.

i have never had a problem here i been here 14 years so when any thing has to be done i see the supers and they take care of it right away and the mangement office ir so easley to get alone with i personal never had a problem so i dont know what these people are wineing about this place is kept clean at all times ,they are always working and cleaning to matine a healthy emviorment for us the tenants so if u have a problem dont be worryed they are there for us they do every thing they can to help

so dont be shy and stop crying over spilled milk

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There is still a problem with bed bugs and cleaning at this building.

One Homewood Ave was/is and will always remain the worst place I've ever lived.

Hi Everyone. I used to be a tenant at 1 Homewood Ave. I moved out 2 years ago. I Lived on the 4th floor and did not personally have any problems in my apartment. When I moved in, I calked ALL cracks with CLEAR Silicone Calking. I am good at it and it is not obtrusive. It may be why I did not have a problem while I lived there for 1 and a half years. I did however a converstion with the landlord when I was moving out that there had been incidents. Also another time while waiting to speak with t

he landlady, a male tenant was telling her how he had been bitten in the night by some kind of insects that was leaving red marks on him. I do not know where these tenant lived in the building.
So, I can say that the bedbugs have been reported there but, I can also say that I did not have any problem with them while I lived on the fourth floor. I may have moved out before they got that far.

I realized that rent there may be very affordable to pay but, why are you staying there to be going through this? Sorry, I do not understand that part. If you have a good reason, then, may I suggest you learn how to use Silicone Caulking correctly. I have been doing that first when-ever, where-ever I live in an apartment building. Get the clear version or the landlord will have something to complain about! Take your time and you'll never even know it is there.

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I have lived here since October 2008 and have had no issues with bed bugs thus far. While I don\'t doubt the reports on here saying they had them, to me it looks like only some units are affected. My unit was completely renovated before moving in so maybe this has something to do with it.

Dear T&R,
When you write that you moved out last May do you mean May 2007?

WOW! I was the second original post on this website regarding this apartment building. My husband and I moved out last May after a long battle with bed bugs and the landlords. We were the ones with the eviction notice stating we were spreading \"rumours\" about how the building had a bed bug infestation. I just happened to wonder if others had the same issues and checked today for some odd reasona and am overwhelmed by how many others have posted. I feel so sorry for all those who have bed bugs

now due to living at 1 Homewood. I know how hard that experience was for us and would not wish it on my worst enemy. It was also terrible how management treated us and I see how they have continued to treat others. To be honest...there are so many things that need to be fixed at that location and no amount of spraying will help. I had read that they discontinued the spray that actually kills bed bugs because the FDA wouldn\'t approve it. It was supposidly too toxic? The management clearly does not support the tenants...fortunately we moved out in May, had to pressure clean all of our remaining belongings. We had to buy all new furniture, a new bed, matress, couches, chairs, tables etc. We could not get any compensation for having to get rid of our stuff and we were getting married in July so we were really tight on money. Fortunately we didn\'t carry the bugs to our new place, although we did find some dead ones in such unlikely places like my jewelery box????
The only thing you can do is just move...and like I said...my heart goes out to all those dealing with this issue...it is frustrating, painful and tiring to deal with.

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I specifically asked the super about bugs in the building before I moved in and was told “oh no, not here, we even have a pest company comes here every month to make sure we don’t”. Bunch of liars!! Don’t even consider moving into this dump, the only thing you will accomplish by moving here is to support a slumlord, aka North 44 Property management.

City of Toronto, Public Health is starting to investigate the infestation issues at 1 Homewood and some punitive actions are in the pla


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I just came across this registry and out of curiosity I checked 1 Homewood. It's pretty revealing that this address seems to have more infestation reports on this site than any in Toronto. Anyhow, I'm not surprised. I lived there about a year and a half ago and moved precisely because of the bedbug infestation and other things, losing a couch, two couch chairs, a rug, and other items that I suspected housed bugs. Many swollen bites on toes, and legs tends to serve as a nice reminder that you nee

d to move.

Luckily, Walmart carries a bag that seals mattresses (and the bedbugs in). So when you move, don't throw out your mattress or boxspring, just buy these bags for them and seal your mattresses right before you move into your new spot. Keep your mattress sealed for more than a year (the lifespan of a bedbug). It worked out successfully for me, too bad I couldn't do the same for my couch and rugs and other clothed belongings.

Anyhow, both my boyfriend and I were bit many times. It got to the point where we researched how to look for them. We caught specimens and kept them in ziploc bags to show the landlords (to get them to spray). Spraying was extremely inconvenient as I had to lock my cats in the bathroom so they wouldn't get poisoned when the sprayers came. They "sprayed" about three times over a year and a half before I said enough was enough, and moved out.

The bedbugs were only the final straw for that place. There are other chronic issues that compound the problems tenants at 1 Homewood experience. Considering there were perpetual jobless drunks living in the unit next door, and other tenants who ventilate their cigarette smoke filled units into the hall, disregarding the welfare of others (despite direct warnings), it's no wonder the types who the landlords let occupy some units are those that might bring in infested furniture (perhaps through dumpster diving as on poster suggested).

The landlords are hit and miss, you can sometimes get their attention but it's clear the band-aid approaches to the bedbug issue has resulted in huge unexpected costs to many tenants. In this respect, they have been completely negligent and incompetent. I'm sure many thousands of dollars have been lost because they 1. never had a proper total spraying of building 2. have prior knowledge of bug issue yet still show units to unknowing prospective renters without disclosing the bug history.

To fix this issue, a few things need to happen.

1. get rid of the landlords. Period. Anyone who has dealt with issues in this building (bugs or otherwise) understands that they are the prime reason why the bugs keep going.

2. spray the building entirely, and thoroughly, all at once perhaps with a new competent spraying company.

3. have regular city inspections scrutinizing the building in EVERY respect. If the building is neglected in one way, it's probably neglected in many ways. There was one incident where an electrical short was ignored for over a month and when it was addressed, it was the fault of a two prong dollar-store extension cord running power between walls. Not being rated for inner-wall power, it had disintegrated over the years (can you say fire hazard!). I suspect there are many many parts of this building that aren't up to standard. Considering the (male) landlord and his buddies are the ones "renovating" the units, the cut corners cash-saving schemes are what likely lead to many of the problems such as cross infestation between units and the shoddy electrical work I witnessed.

Anyhow. I'm glad to see I wasn't crazy with the ridiculousness I witnessed at this address. Hopefully people read and stay away. Stay elsewhere!

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For those concerned about speaking to or meeting with tenants about this issue, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that freedom of expression is a FUNDAMENTAL right...

"Fundamental freedoms
2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
a) freedom of conscience and religion;
b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
d) freedom of association."

As with all freedoms, there are limits, so what you say must be the truth.

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My father is a cop, my mother a health inspector, and my brother is a lawyer, so lets just say all the right eyes are on this place. Relief is on the way.

I’ve lived at 1 Homewood for 1 ½ years now and have had one incident with Bedbugs that was quickly dealt with. I’ve had some bedbugs bites appear on me in the past but a good cleaning and spraying by pest control has seemed to minimize the problem. I vacuum and clean my sleeping area and mattress on a weekly basis, which must sever as an added line of defense.

But to echo the thoughts in some of the previous posts, this building is in need of some vast improvements regarding the clea

nness in the common areas. The laundry room if filthy most of the times, which I don’t understand since that area is high risk for transmitting bedbugs between tenants. Also, I think management allows some questionable people to move into this building, some of who may be bring the bugs with them.

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\"Timebandit\" is actually the Super for 1Homewood - He is posting fake posts !!
He has bedbugs too by the way !!!!

Hi James:

Just for the record, I am neither the Super or from the Management Office. I am a renter who has been here since October 1996. I have lived in two units since living here and have never had problems with bed bugs in either unit.

I do not post Fake posts, and resent the fact that you would think any differantly.


"Timebandit" is actually the Super for 1Homewood - He is posting fake posts !!
He has bedbugs too by the way !!!!

I was looking for an apartment for my friend and was told about this regisrty. I also work for a large pest management company so I know alot about various pests. Bed bugs are "hitch hikers". They do not appear in a home, school dorm, hotel or luggage because the person or property is dirty. They are carried in by someone make no mistake about that. Due to an increase in international travel, bed bugs have made their way back into society. They are difficult to treat but not impossible. Hot

els and landlords who treat are doing their job and Public Health knows this. They must be reported by a hotel guest or tenant because they are so small and are not easily detected. Hope this info helps people keep down the hysteria about this pest.

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August 2008
It took me several weeks to figure out what was going on here, but it is a bed bug infestation for sure.
I have reported it to the city and the landlord, and yes they have sprayed for it.
But the underlying problems - open garbage at the back of the building, dirty common areas, especially the basement, are breeding grounds for the bugs and mice. Unless they are taken care of this will continue.
Plus all floor-wall joints should be sealed. No holes or cracks between apartments.

I've lost a lot of articles because of this - bedding, clothes, furniture - and I will be seeking compensation.
But this is nothing compared to the disgust I feel, the bites I've suffered and the sleepless nights.
The City Public Health Inspector for the area said people should call the City at 416-338-1500 to report this and any other health issue.
Obviously, the more of us who call, the better.
Property Standards should be called re. mice and other unhealthy conditions at 416-392-0827. Call in the morning because they are out most of the day doing inspections.
The Rental Tribunal, where you can seek payment, is at the Landlord and Tenant Board at 416-645-8080.

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I too have bedbugs now at 1 Homewood.
I appreciated this post:

Ok I understand that people might not want to identify themselves here cuz we all know what management is like but if anyone is considering filing an application with the landlord tenant board please do! The more of us that file claims the most likely we are to get what we are looking for. I spoke to the board and you can file a T2 which is a claim for financial repayment for lost property and other costs associated with having t

o throw out everything you own and move (which is the only sure fire solution to these buggers) and you can file a T6 which relates to them not keping the place up to reasonable standards of living (ie covered in roaches and bed bugs). The board recommends filing both applications and there is a good chance you can get something back, as well as get out of your lease early with no penalty, especially since there are several people who could be making this claim. The cost to file is only $45 and you get that back when they make the judgement. It takes a couple of weeks. www.ltb.gov.on.ca is the website to get the forms. Don't let them beat us more than they already have, we're losing enough as it is.

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thanks Timebandit. appreciate your post. I actually moved in recently and wondered what to expect. But I actually took the advice of a poster who recommended going to the health dept and property standards people. there are no violations against this property for anything. That made me feel reassured.

I have lived in 1 Homewood for more than 12 years, and have never had any of these problems with bedbugs and any pest issues that come with an older building have always been handled by both the Supers and Management very quickly. I do know that others have said they have had these issues with bedbugs, but I do question some of the complaints made. One way to stop bedbugs is for people to stop "Dumpster Diving" and bringing in items that have been thrown away. You have no idea what the reason i

s that these thing are in the trash, so assume they have been thrown out for a reason. Just a thought

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What a crap that report from "CC" - That s obviously from management !
I moved out of 1 Homewood 1 year ago, the building IS infested with Bugs !!!
Lets not fool anybody here ! - 1 Homewood is a FILTHY place to live - DO NOT move in that building !!! - I spent a fortune in Bugs products of all kind to the point of almost poisonning myself, nothing worked - Move out !!

Yeah, reminds me of ano's post from 07/04/2008.

I smell a fake post from building management below.

hi I recently moved in this building. I really love it. No signs of any bed bugs. i asked some of the others who i've gotten to know who live here and they are also bug free. too bad for that one or two people who had them. It does not appear to be a widespread problem to the majority of us or the building itself. I'm soooooooo happy.

i do not under stand that iv lived here at 1 homewood ave for 18 years and iv never had a problem about this building every time i called the head office about a problem they have always responded to my needs when i ask so if these people have a problem it cant be that bad becouse they are still here if it was as bad as they say then they would go to a hotel to stay

Hey Akbar,
you seem to consider yourself some kind of expert in this field. What are your credentials really?
I say, anyone who wants to know for sure about a persistant, negligent problem at any property, go access the Toronto Public Health records and see what real violations or warnings have been issued against a landlord.
Seems like everyone on this web site has an agenda. Ppl, do your own homework. I found these comments no help at all. Has anyone ever visited tripadvisor.com? Same

bull there. Any disgruntled person can go to the site a post very unreal, even false information. Then you'll read about dozens of others who just LOVE the place. Same hotel, different opinion. No one checks the info for accuracy. I still say.........
Ppl, do your own homework.

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I don't know if the previous poster is a spammer (five posts suggests someone with possibly questionable intent). It also clashes entirely with the other postings here.

Even if the poster is telling the truth, ask yourself this. Aren't you most likely going to get a unit recently vacated by a previous tenant due to this problem - or this "holy grail" unit that has had an entirely different experience than ten other renters.

Don't kid yourself.

dg --

As evidenced from the recent and repeated posts on this site, you can be WELL ASSURED that the situation is not improving. It is actually appearing to get worse. If I could see you in person, I would literally beg you to not sign ANY contract with this apartment - you WILL be infested without question. Don't submit yourself to that willingly.

Research all apartments prior to signing anything, avoid areas of significant bedbug activity - and live by the old adage - if it's too good

to be true (price), it probably is.

At this juncture, I'd recommend converted houses in average neighbourhoods over most "budget" high rises in the city. I would avoid Moss Park all together if possible.

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Hey everyone,

We don't live in this apartment yet so we can't complain about any bedbug incidents. We haven't signed a contract yet but were planning on doing it for the August area.

After stumbling across this website (in hopes of doing some research about the apartment), we can say that our hopes of moving into this place are nearly shattered. It's very upsetting to hear of all the damage that has been caused as a result of these bedbugs.

Does anybody know if anything is being done t

o cure this problem? We're really wanting to live here but are unwilling to do so if the apartment is infested. Are the landlords completely unwilling to budge on this issue? How long has this problem gone on for? Aside from the bedbugs, are there any other issues with this place?

If anyone knows anything, please post an update. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

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I lived here for about 7 months but had to leave after 5 1/2 and commute from hamilton to go to U of T because I couldn\'t stand living there anymore. It was infested with bed bugs, and I told them numerous times to fumigate it and they never did, or if they did, it was a really bad job. They claimed to have fumigated it one time when I was out, but I know they didn\'t as nothing had been moved at all. Be aware this place is infested with bed bugs, and I have to throw out a brand new leather co

uch, my new bed, and all my other furniture.

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1 Homewood - They keep on throwing away mattresses, beds and furnitures out on the curve - Every suites are infested !!
Man , just get OUT of that Dive - That building is Filthy !!!
Have your gf take a bath once a year - gf with bugs..eeewwwwww

I had to take legal action against the landlords at this address. First they tried to tell me that I was the one who had brought bed bugs to the building, then tried to tell me that no other units had them, nor had anyone ever reported them. Myself and another friend who lived two floors away have moved out of the building due to the infestation. They are not addressing the issue and are repeatedly lying to those living/renting there. STAY OUT.
Oh, and I was also threatened with eviction.

I encourage anyone and everyone at this address to contact the lanlord/tenant board and file a complaint. I lost my bed, couch, chair and some clothing.

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Why have you and your friends lived in this building so long if the problem is so bad? I would not have. You obviously have not seen a real infestation. I am checking this address out this weekend to rent. I will keep everyone posted.

I have bed bugs and my unit has been fumigated but the bed bugs have just travelled to the unit across from mine. We have had to get rid of our bed frame, our sofa and have all of our belongings in plastic bags and are sleeping on a mattress on the floor with a plastic case around the mattress. The building is not alerting the other tenants that there is a bed bug problem. I have talked to some tenants and have found out that they have had bed bugs before as well. Today I was given an eviction n

otice and the reason the landlord put for why I am being evicted is because they are stating that I distributed flyers warning other tenants that the premises are infested with bed bugs, that i posted a flyer stating the apartment building has bed bugs and that they have lost money due to what I have reported to others about the bed bug problem. I have done none of these things and I believe the landlords want me out and are evicting me to get me to shut up about the fact that they have a bed bug problem. People are moving into this building not knowing that they too could get bed bugs as well. I hope others will read this and stay away from this buidling. I know of 5 units that have either had bed bugs or have them right now.

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I was really surprised to read about this building having bbugs because I just moved out at the end of Feb/08 after 4 years. I still have several friends living there and they have never experienced such a thing either. We find the building to be clean and well maintained. If there is a problem with bbugs, it must be very recent and contained. The management even has a notice posted openly for all tenants to see in the lobby, that a professional pest control company treats the building regul

arly in an effort to keep the premises free from any types of pests. I'm assuming if a person living there needs service in their unit and reports it, they will get it. I would recommend this small, historic building to people looking for an affordable, well located place to live. That's been my experience anyways.

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I am currently living at 1 homewood avenue and am having a terrible bed bug problem. I know of other tenants who have moved due to bed bugs and also have a friend in the building who has had her place fumigated for the third time today but is having no luck getting rid of them. They have just spread through out the whole building

This building is completely infested and the owners are taking little to no action. They treat (and not thoroughly) only the units that report an issue and therefore the bugs have continued to spread. I had to throw away all of my belongings (bed, couch, chair, large amount of clothing) and move.

No nearby bug reports