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Had beg bugs in our unit, no idea where they would have come from since none of us were leaving the apartment at the time during lockdown. Had to do 3 treatments to get rid of them, until we moved out.

bed bugs

bed bugs

bed bugs

Been here since building opened(5 yrs)Live on 22nd floor and never had any evidence of bug problems.Neither have my neighbours.Concert keeps a very well maintained building and ANY issues are dealt with really promptly.

Our 1 year is coming up, and we have had no bug problems. This building is really clean and well maintained.

We have a memory foam mattress in a bug proof encasement, set onto a slatted frame. We do this to be proactive, because let's face it there are bed bugs everywhere. Even in new condos, give it a few years of people moving in and out with infested stuff, and there will be bugs SOMEWHERE in the building.

Abell Pest Control van spotted parked out back today. Doesn't necessarily mean bedbugs, but a person always wonders these days when seeing that.

Also in June the Lobby seating area was fumigated one morning for "beetles," according to the notice posted in the elevators.

I've lived here for several years and have not yet had any problems (touch wood!). Concert really is excellent at keeping a very busy building clean and at responding to most tenant needs. I get nervous when I read isolat

ed reports, but I think we probably live in one of the best managed buildings in the core and seeing that most of downtown Toronto has serious BB issues, I'd be very hesitant to live anywhere else (and no, this is not management writing, I'm an actual tenant).

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In February 2011, my son and I had a tour of a vacant apartment in this building, as he is looking for accommodations in Toronto. I point-blank asked the rental agent if there had been any problems with bed bugs at this building. She told me that "Fortunately, we haven't had any bug problems". My son was really looking forward to moving into this building, but I think he'll have to find someplace else. Even if the bug problem is now under control, the fact that the rental agent would lie to

a prospective tenant tells me much about that company's ethics.

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Thanks Anon 01-27. Glad your situation was dealt with and no further problems. So that the rest of us know what the real reports are from possibly made-up ones, can you tell us your floor?

The reports of a van being parked out back for around October were probably for my apartment. The office was very responsive and helpful for the situation. They paid for and arranged the entire process. After bites were found we were told they would have people come in next day. It was not a big infestation at all. There have been no problems since then thankfully!

Another mattress found discarded in the Recycling Room tonight (Nov 23 10). Whoever threw it out didn't bother to wrap it in plastic and didn't bother to even remove the fitted sheet (thanks guys, now that we have Winter carpets in the elevators, if there were eggs on the mattress, they could now be transferred to the common areas of the carpets). Yeah, maybe it was just an old mattress needing to be thrown out, but doesn't the fitted sheet still being on it (no stains at all) kind of indicate t

hat it was thrown out in haste? This is not proof of any BBs on the sheet or in the mattress, but it certainly gives pause to wonder. People! Wise-up. If you have any bedbug infested furniture, move it to the curb outside and cover it in plastic or otherwise disfigure it so that no one else picks it up to use it again. And please notify management immediately if you have not already done so! Don't try and manage the problem on your own. It won't work.

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Abell van spotted out back again yesterday (Oct 20). I am very much encouraged that there seems to be a serious effort to treat the problem, but I am equally really starting to worry as to the extent of the spread in the absence of any official information. Can original poster John or any of the others affected (that have not provided an update or a report) please let us know what your status/floor is? It would be most appreciated.

Abell van parked out back again today.

Abell Pest Control van spotted parked up on curve by garbage doors in back today. Hopefully just a follow up visit and not a new occurrence.

Great news AH! Fingers crossed that the matter has been taken care of and you have no more problems. Also very reassured that the rental office responded so quickly.

Quick update. Rental office was very responsive. Pest control came to check the apartment on Mon and confirmed there was evidence of bed bug being present, albeit no live ones were found. In any case the bedroom was sprayed, as was the living room for precaution. They will be back in a couple weeks to follow up and ensure everything is good. I am very pleased with the quick action that was taken.

I'm on the 2nd floor and thought I had them in the apt because I was getting mysterious bites. Last night as I was taking out some old furniture (I am refurnishing the apt) I saw one on the wall, near the bedroom a/c vent so now that confirms it. I have yet to find where the rest are congregating but I have to believe there is more than 1 and considering it was near the vent, I am concerned they are travelling between units that way. I quashed the bug and kept it as evidence and I am going to th

e rental office right now and if they give me the runaround I am going to Toronto Public Health. I think we will need to band together because it clearly isn't an isolated problem anymore. Will give an update once I talk to the rental office.

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I went to the Rental Office and just asked them point blank. The answer I got was that the only infestation known "for certain" was on the 7th floor back in January 2010 (yikes! they've been in the building as far back as that?) and that the "entire bloc" was treated by a pest control company (don't know if that means whole floor or just one side of the elevator banks) and that Concert paid for it, not the tenants. I spoke with another tenant on the elevator and she said she had overheard someon

e in the Rental Office discussing an infestation in her apt. She couldn't remember the floor but it was in the low 20s (she said she thought it was 21 or 23). I don't know what to think at this point... My first instinct was to look to move out asap but all of downtown Toronto is infested. And I'm willing to bet that at least some of the infestations are happening in moving vans/trucks. People moving out from infested places have their furniture wrapped in the same blankets and sit in the same trucks as those that don't, so doesn't it stand to reason that moving is almost as risky as staying? I just don't know...

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Did you contact Concert head office? Were they helpful?
What floor?

Have you tried Concert On-Call?

John, that is REALLY horrible. What floor? (or range if you don't want to say). I live here too but so far no bugs...

We just found out today that we have bedbugs. Subsequently we have found out that they have migrated through 6 units to reach ours. Building management knew about this and refused to do anything about it. Each of the tenants in those other 6 untis reported it and nothing was done. What a joke. Now after reporting it to the main office, we were told it is not their problem and that we have to cover the cost of it ourselves or face eviction. They even said it was our fault for bringing them into t

he building. Thats the most assanine thing I have ever heard. We are thinking of suing for the costs of fumigation. We are going to move once we have fumigated and the 6 other tenants will have to deal with it themselves. I cant beleive management in this building are such arseholes. Doesnt surprise me though.

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