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Lived here for 4 months before finding LOTS of bedbugs in my brand new furniture - through out over 2k worth of furniture. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!

Hello all,

I'm fairly new to Toronto - moved here from Calgary and finishing off my nursing degree at UofT. I thought I was getting a sweet deal moving into the third floor, until tonight I heard a friend ask me to be sure there are no bugs. I never thought about it before but now I have read everyone's comments and I'm very concerned!

Any suggestions on what to do (move in? Or not)

Thanks so much

I lived in this apartment for 5 months before I had to move. Couldn't handle it. Started with bed bugs, then cockroaches, then all sorts of insects. I'm not even a messy person. I spent most of the time staying at other people's houses because the infestations in here are so bad. The carpet that reach into each and every room on the same floor via the hallway is a perfect host for bed bugs and anything else. New tenants coming in and out every month also doesn't help. The first time I reported b

ed bugs, they said they would call the exterminators. NOPE. Someone just came, sprinkled the bed bug dust along only SOME parts of the walls. Didn't make a difference. Never did a follow up, even though I requested. Don't go here. Horrible place, so many more problems beyond bugs.

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I have lived in this apartment for 6 months and have not seen a single bed bug. The biggest problem i have with the landlord is that every few weeks they have exterminators in here trying to get rid of the bugs. Although i have not seen any in my apartment other neighbors have complained of seeing one or two bugs every once in a while. Since the exterminators have been coming in there are no more bed bugs in the apartments and i have not herd any recent complaints in the past month.

I lived in this apartment from July 1st - December 31st, 2011. Before receiving bites, I had seen a bug that looked suspiciously like a bedbug in the washroom, and another on the wall. I contacted the landlord then next day, and they came in two days later to steam clean and put dichotomous soil around the perimeter of the room and bed (supposed to dry out their exoskeletons).

I did not experience any bites or sightings for a month after this, but then I received multiple bites one night (3

on my leg, 3 across my stomach and 3 on my arm - all on the right side of my body) and on another occasion, maybe two weeks later, I received 3 bites on my neck. On a third occasion, I was bitten on my hip while reading and actually saw the bug walking away on my bed - so I killed it. I had already planned on moving out, and upon doing so, I left all of my furniture, inspected all of my belongings to the best of my abilities (throwing out most things), and bagged/washed/dried on high heat all of my clothing/linens/other fabric objects.

This place is okay as a transition apartment, and they seemed to be on the ball about treating the place, but, obviously the treatment was ineffective - they did not return for a second treatment (maybe would have if I had pushed for it?) I am almost positive that other apartments in the house (I believe there are a total of 17 apartments) are infested, and the bites/sightings I experienced may have just been bugs wandering into my place from adjacent apartments. So unless they treat the entire house, the problem will most likely remain...

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not just bugs the landlord and staff are abusive no respect and incompetent no proper maintenance staff are lazy maniacs all they know is collect money from tenants I'm glad we're out.I found a lot bigger more decent and lovelier place than theirs. debug the landlord and staff too!!!!

i moved in and when i found out about the problem i freaked out, tryed callin the landlord and nothing
when i moved out i also found out about a BAD MOLD PROBLEM aswell and lost my bed, 2 couches, 48 inch tv and my dresser

When I moved in, no one told me that there had been problems with these pests. After hearing from other tenants that there had been problems I managed to fight them off for about a year having only sporadic bites. Soon they were everywhere and I didn't sleep for more than a couple of hours a night as a result.
The landlord was completely useless and unhelpful and rude.

I just moved in few days ago and I heard from other tenants that most of house had bedbugs, including previous tenant in my room.
I wasn’t informed about this problem by landlord.
Landlord already got first and last month and there is no respond on my phone calls.
I have to throw out my stuff and I afraid to visit my friends house in case of transferring bedbugs to them.
I am wandering if there is a superman can kick this kind of landlords butt.

Thank you for your report. I didnt know that the place has bedbugs and almost moved in. I really, really appreciate you posted this warning here, and I'm so sorry what you experienced.
Thank you.

This entire building is infested with bed bugs. I submitted a work order for my unit to be sprayed, and heard nothing for almost a month. My calls were not returned for as long, until I threatened legal action. At that point the surly landlord called, and I demanded an explanation for the delay, to which he replied \"I don\'t gotta explain shit to you\".

I should have known the place had bed bugs. When I moved in, the prevous tenant had left his bed and a leather armchair, both of which I


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