222 Elm St
Toronto, ON M5T 1K5

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We moved in unit 111 and the place had all sorts of bugs including bed bugs from the kitchen and the bedrooms.

We moved in unit 111 and the place had all sorts of bugs including bed bugs from the kitchen and the bedrooms.

Aug 2020
Lived in a room on the back side of the 222. Had roaches the entire time. Spraying didn't help the nest lived under the kitchen cabinet where the spray didn't kill them all.
The kitchen was not renovated. Just the Bathroom

They forgot to renovate the bathroom until we moved in. We had to wait a full week for our bathroom to be finished. There was mold on the wall and the Maintenance guy just painted over it?

They use cheap paint that scuffs really eaisly and wipes off when yo

u try and clean it.

The paint in the bathroom started peeling off when it got humid.

The vents do not have fans in them so there is no suction for either the bathroom or the kitchen. You can often smell people smoking in their bathrooms.
Every cabinet and surface in the kitchen was covered in a thin layer of grease it took weeks to clean it all off.
Dead roaches in the top cabinet when we moved in.
Dead flys on top of the hall lamp just stuck there.
Almost 10 years of dirt stuck to the floor tiles I scrubbed for hours to get it finally clean.
Some rooms do not have ceiling lights.
Some bathrooms have no electrical sockets.

Do not let them tell you that all rooms are exactly the same. Do not sign on a room here unless you see it. Every room is different if it's been renovated or not. Some have roaches some do not.

They do not pro-rate months. So Everyone moves in on the same day so sometimes it takes 30 min to get an elevator.

There is only one ramp into the building and no door stops.

There is no electric handicap button for the ramp.

The laundry machines are often flooded, and there are roaches on the first floor, the basement and in the laundry room. 222 definitely has more roaches than 200.

Dont put your bike in the bike cage out back it will get vandalized or broken.

The construction that starts in 2021 will last for 2 years, and you cannot cancel a lease because of construction noise.

*They have hidden fees they will not tell you about.
Bulbs- 5$ a piece
Tube Lights- 10$ a piece
Toilet Seat 30$
Blinds 5$ a Piece (they have hanging Blinds in some of the apartments)
Faucet-80$ a piece
Main Door Lock 80$
Passage lock 50$
If you break any of these during your time there they will charge you no matter how they were broken and they won't tell you until you write up a work order. They won't fix anything related to that item until you pay the money. So essentially they have a paywall to some maintenance.

I would be careful living in this building. Once you sign a lease they will not let you out for any reason.

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Getting bit by bed bugs ever since moving in summer 2019.
The building has free bedbug spraying available when you let them know so I assume this has been going on for a while

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