357 Rusholme Rd
Toronto, ON M6H

Found 4 reports:

i live here and despite not bringing things in off the street and washing all new clothing I bring into my apartment before wearing I somehow have bed bugs. I’ve seen other people in the lobby with tell tale bites in the signature line or zigzag pattern. So I guess I’m not alone. Don’t move here. Sterling Karamar doesn’t care about the comfort of its residents. All problems within the building are met with bandaid solutions.

Lived in 357 Rusholme for 2 years. No bedbugs in the whole time I was there and no alerts for them either. There were some bugs (little beetles would crawl in from the air vent sometimes) but not many. We saw roaches 2x but didn't have an issue, apparently some people had roach problems though. It didn't touch my unit.

Been getting bites all over my body recently and found some little dead, black, oval bugs around in the bathroom that I didn't recognize. I googled "bed bugs" and lo and behold that's what I have. Been living here for 3 years and never had a problem. The building is kept very clean but there has been A LOT of people moving in and out lately so perhaps they moved in with them.

My apartment is infested with them! To be fair, the building is kept exceptionally clean and the property management are looking into the matter. I think that they are "hitch-hikers" as opposed to "immigrants". Meaning that they were brought into the building, not that they were already in the building. And again the management is acting on it.

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