Recent Bed Bug Reports for Chicago

July 28

4827 N Sheridan Rd Horrible Bedbeg infestation for the past year and a

6972 N Sheridan Rd This building has a really bad case of bed bugs. I s

July 20

2357 S Wentworth Ave I stayed there from 7/15-7/17 and on the night of

June 26

7131 N Ridge Blvd I moved in this apartment in July of 2016 I have has

June 24

7407 N Winchester Ave This building has a bedbug problem for over 5 yea

June 14

5759 N Broadway St Bedbugs Spotted 6/5/21. First treatment not until

June 09

6209 N Winthrop Ave There is a bedbug infestation in the walls. It’s

June 06

5820 N Sheridan Rd no body takes care of this building and it has conti

May 27

7110 N Sheridan Rd Bed bug infestation in the building. Over 100+ bites

May 11

The Silversmith Hotel April 4-9, 2021 Spent 3 nights there. Nice pla

May 04

6318 N Richmond St Bed Bugs in this building for 2 years. Do not live

April 30

6201 N Kenmore Ave I've had bed bugs for over a year now, despite exter

April 26

1515 W Morse Ave We got Bed Bugs back in apartment 308 in November 2020

April 03

4885 N Paulina St 2-01-2021. Bedbugs in full Affect! Landlord, Stephan

March 24

4588 N Elston Ave first reported sightings of bedbugs in early February

March 17

5609 S Indiana Ave It’s been about 2 months and I have had bed bugs i