Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

July 29

2328 Cambridge St Cockroaches and mice present first night we moved in.

July 28

1845 Comox St BEDBUG INFESTATION ON FLOORS 3, 6, AND 7. Refusing to de

1333 Hornby St Dealt with bed bugs since I moved there (apartment 509)

July 21

2709 McGill St July 20, 2021

July 20

1898 Balsam St Full blown infestation, all apartments are being sprayed

July 17

1300 McLean Dr Very poorly managed building with severe bedbug infestat

July 15

1875 Robson St I don’t see five reports here but only one posted five

July 13

1021 Harwood St Today 7 13 2021 bugs were found. This building has had

July 05

2645 W 8th Ave Very damp basement suite in summer, very cold in winter

1617 E 5th Ave Building is still infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, an

July 01

177 Lakewood Dr An elderly neighbour had a horrific infestation that ha

June 29

610 Alexander St i lived there from september 2019 to may 2020 and whol

June 28

933 Hornby St There were bed bugs badly in my unit. In my memory, the