Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

May 16

1454 Pendrell St I have been here for over 20 years and have never hear

May 15

1298 W 10th Ave Ok, where to start. The building owners are a nightmare

May 13

1333 E Broadway I've never experienced bed bugs before until moving

May 07

1850 Adanac St Not sure who "Kitty" is, nor why they felt the need to d

May 02

2333 Oxford St Our neighbours were moving out and we got a notice for a

April 29

3115 Quebec St Not sure who this Sean from third floor is, as I am the

April 27

7933 Chester St The landlord will call an exterminator if you insist. I

April 26

2155 W 5th Ave Theres mice in the building. Do yourself a favor, loo

April 22

638 W 50th Ave In backyard building, 2nd floor small bedroom, found bed

April 19

1915 Haro St Massive infestation found on the 1st floor.

April 13

1450 W Georgia St Moved into this building in January 2021, on the 5th

April 10

1298 W 10th Ave No bed bugs that I have seen personally. The the ma